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A Family's Quest for a Cleaner Tomorrow: The Garbo Grabber Story

Meet the inspiring family behind Garbo Grabber, a company making waves in the litter industry with their innovative products. What began as a simple idea sparked by their father's encounter with struggling state DOT workers has now transformed into a mission-driven endeavor to revolutionize how we tackle litter. With a deep commitment to environmentalism and a sense of responsibility towards future generations, this family is on a quest to leave the world better than they found it. Join us as we delve into their journey, motivations, and vision for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Tell us how and why you decided as a family to start the company Garbo Grabber?

As a family, the decision to launch Garbo Grabber stemmed from our collective desire to work on a project inspired by our father. Starting with a simple idea, we transformed it into tangible products aimed at enhancing people's lives, culminating in the establishment of a thriving company. Recognizing a gap and a demand within the litter industry for more efficient waste management solutions, we seized the opportunity to innovate. Observing a lack of progress in litter management for over seven decades, we felt compelled to initiate change and contribute towards a cleaner environment.

What was the inspiration behind developing Garbo Grabber?

The inspiration behind our brand was an experience our father had when driving on a highway in Connecticut. It was a windy, rainy day and he was traveling along and saw state DOT workers picking up litter on the side of the road… or trying to. They were provided a garbage bag and a litter picker. He saw that they were struggling with their task and were having a very hard time keeping the litter in the bag and keeping the bag open. The struggle was real, and he thought “there has to be a better way!” Fast forward to present day and we now have a top of the line, innovative litter product on the market that makes the task of picking up litter easier!

Why do you think your family was drawn to environmentalism and helping the planet?

Our family’s commitment to environmentalism and helping save the planet stems from our sense of responsibility towards future generations. We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it, understanding that our actions today directly impact the health and sustainability of our planet tomorrow. We were taught this at a young age and it’s always been apart of us and our mission.

We should always respect nature and the connection that we have with our environment. We truly are ONE. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to help this planet thrive for the future generations to come. We were always taught at a young age to be respectful and respecting our environment falls right in line with that.

My family's commitment to environmentalism and helping the planet stems from our deep sense of responsibility towards future generations. We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it, understanding that our actions today directly impact the health and sustainability of our planet tomorrow. This conviction is rooted in our values of stewardship, empathy, and a recognition of the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

Why do you think people need these products in their everyday lives?

There is a growing need for our tools, from non-profit organizations and volunteers that beautify communities, to municipal workers, all the way to helping large corporations scale their ESG programs. These tools have major benefits when it comes to saving the planet. We have created the largest advancement in over 70 years.

Our innovate litter tools allow people to be the best at what they do. We're giving the power to the people to save our planet. Anyone can pick up litter, there is no right or wrong way. But there is certainly a better way. With Garbo Grabber tools, this task becomes more efficient, effective, and sanitary… the perfect combination to creating a cleaner, healthier planet.

Everything in life evolves. Why shouldn’t the way we pick up litter?

Where do you hope to see your company in five years?

Garbo Grabber will be a household name and authority in the Litter and environmental industries. Our tools will be used by everyone tasked with picking up litter, every nonprofit organization and their volunteers will be using our tools, and every city and town across the country will have these tools for their workers. We will have great partnerships with large corporations, as we have created a way to enhance their ESG programs as well as another avenue to get involved with and support nonprofits.

With Earth Month coming up, what is something that everyone could do to help our environment?

Start or join a cleanup! Your community or a nearby town/city will likely be having events throughout Earth Month, so join if you can! Clean up events are a great way to contribute to the health and beauty of our environment while connecting with others who share similar values. Whether it's a beach cleanup, park cleanup, or neighborhood litter pick-up, every piece of trash removed from the environment helps protect wildlife, prevent pollution, and beautify our surroundings.

Also, supporting local and sustainable businesses is another way to contribute. Buying locally sourced food reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation, while choosing products from companies with eco-friendly practices encourages sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Where can we find Garbo Grabber products?

a. Garbo Grabber products can be found on our website: You can order right on the site, give us a call at 203-870-8265 or email and one of our customer services folks will be happy to assist you!

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