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Worldwide Holdings Investment Group, LLC Partners with EyeCare4KidsTM to Illuminate Futures

Sandy, UTAH (USA), February 20, 2024 - Lamar Nathan Jensen, Founder and Chairman of Worldwide Holdings Investment Group, LLC (WWH), proudly announces a transformative partnership with EyeCare4Kids™, underscoring their shared commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children and families. This collaboration signifies a powerful union of financial support and philanthropy, with the aim of providing professional eye care to visually-impaired children and underserved families.

EyeCare4Kids™, founded by Joseph Carbone, has been a beacon of hope for over two decades, offering vision screenings, glasses, and more to over 400,000 low-income children. Recognizing the challenge faced by underprivileged families in accessing professional eye care, Carbone left his private practice in 2001 to launch EyeCare4Kids™. Today, the organization operates in five areas nationwide, with family, school, and community-based clinics, as well as mobile clinics, making a significant impact in Utah, Nevada, New Jersey, and Arizona.

The synergistic partnership between WWH and EyeCare4Kids™ is rooted in their collective vision to create a better world. Lamar Nathan Jensen expresses his excitement, stating, "Helping kids build confidence for their futures. It's exciting to be able to say, 'We do that!'" This shared enthusiasm is reflected in the tangible benefits this collaboration aims to bring.

Joseph Carbone envisions expanding EyeCare4Kids™'s reach, with a goal to establish a vision clinic in every major city across the United States and a mobile clinic in each state for their Rural Outreach Program. With an estimated 10 million children in underserved and low-income communities requiring vision services, Carbone emphasizes the immediate and positive impact that glasses can have on children with correctable vision problems, enhancing their performance in school and boosting their confidence.

For Lamar Jensen, this partnership extends beyond geographic boundaries. "We're excited to be directly involved," he states, emphasizing the global reach of this collaboration, benefiting children not only in the United States but also in Africa, Asia, and the Far East. The emphasis on a better life today aligns seamlessly with WWH's mission of identifying quality companies on the verge of growth.

Established in 2013, WWH is a business development company with a rich history of building new companies and expanding opportunities worldwide. Holding positions in over 200 companies globally, WWH's commitment goes beyond financial partnerships. Lamar Jensen emphasizes, "We're lifting up the disadvantaged and the vulnerable," a sentiment that echoes the core purpose of EyeCare4Kids™.

WWH's development of "The 9 Keys For Life" further solidifies its dedication to fostering positive change across the globe. These keys encompass crucial aspects such as food and water systems, housing, development and infrastructure, education, arts and entertainment, medical and nutrition, communications and transportation, technologies and manufacturing, finance and trade, energy and mining, and environmental and humanitarian initiatives. WWH provides advanced resources impacting the quality of life in over 135 countries.

The comprehensive approach of WWH leverages expert management to prepare partners for the marketplace, intending to increase their value while inspiring, educating, and raising awareness about humanitarian projects. As we embark on this transformative journey with EyeCare4Kids™, Worldwide Holdings Investment Group, LLC invites everyone to join them in making a difference and building a brighter future for children in need.

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