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How Zumbly Reimagined The American Dream

For Jeb Carty, a prolific and dedicated millennial entrepreneur, investor and influencer, the American dream has changed and the marketplace must change with it.

While past generations were forced to walk down a more traditional path due to lack of options, younger people have learned to leverage technology to improve their overall financial outlook through the use of tools and platforms that were certainly not available to their elders.

Case in point, Zumbly, a groundbreaking company founded by Mr. Carty and his business partner Joel Glenny with a clear mandate: providing a useful and intuitive platform where users can effectively analyze, evaluate and act upon strategic information aimed at helping them make the smartest possible real estate investments.

By factoring real-time consumption drivers such as price to rent ratio, geographical relevance and income generating potential on platforms like AirBnb, Zumbly allows its users to find homes that generate wealth, not debt.

This revolutionary approach fits perfectly into the millennial mindset, as young professionals have realized that in modern times, the old models are no longer viable if one is looking to thrive and not merely survive.

Powerful and effective: when you start searching, Zumbly will do more than 500 thousand calculations, measuring and comparing homes and attaching a score based on how beneficial a particular home can be for you, based on multiple data points. Zumbly´s algorithm will then show you the top choices.

So say goodbye to the white picket fence, and say hello to green money by taking your real estate investment game to the next level with Zumbly.

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